Think Forward.

We make Bluwr a text-based platform without distractions or intrusive ads. We launched November 13th 2023 on

A Rising Star for
a New Era.

Ideas matter.

It's not about the way you look, it's about how you think.

No images, means that the Bluwr community is entirely focused on the contents of your mind.


Bluwr will allow you to reach your audience regardless of how many followers you have.

Whether you are bringing your audience with you to Bluwr or just starting, Bluwr will connect you to your readers.

No distractions.

Bluwr is lean and clean.

The elegant and streamlined interface offers a space devoid of attention grabing schemes and intrusive ads.


We have a subscription based business model.

We do not sell your private information, and we are not trying to addict you.


Bluwr is free for casual writers and always free for readers.

You can start writing on Bluwr the minute we launch, no credit card required.

No paywall.

Bluwr has no walls, payed or otherwise.

Anybody can read your work. It doesn't matter if they registred on Bluwr or not, we strive to make your work indexed by search engines.

To those who think forward we say, come.

Bluwr will is as an invitation only platform.

Thus we ensure the best content quality and keep Bluwr free of bots.
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